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Sunday, July 05, 2020
 Our Mission: C4-Impacting the World for Christ
C4 is a process by which we as a church can grow spiritually. This process will enable us to accomplish our vision, and fulfill the Great Commission. The Great Commission is the mission of making disciples, which our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to do in Matthew 28:18-20. A disciple is a mature follower of Christ who puts others needs and wants before their own. They reach out and serve others out of their love and gratitude to the Lord for the salvation and peace that He provided for them through his Son, Jesus Christ. A mature follower of Christ is also concerned for the people in the world around them, and he or she shows their concern by sharing their faith through the relationships that are created as they go through life and by inviting friends and family members to join them for worship on Sunday mornings.



C1-Inviting people to Sunday morning worship, this is where the C4 process begins. We will call this C1. This is where the church tries to help people get connected to God by inviting them to come alongside us for worship and hear God’s Word preached. The Bible is clear in it’s teaching that before a person can get connected to God through salvation he or she must hear about God’s plan for salvation that has been revealed to us in the Holy Scriptures. Getting people to hear the message of the Gospel opens the door for them to hear and believe in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. That is part of the Great Commission our Lord has given us, and we as a church need to join together in our efforts to get people connected to God. (Romans 1:16-17, 10:11-14)



C2-Our second step in the process of developing mature followers of Christ is to get people connected to others through small group Bible studies. Our primary C2 program will naturally be or Sunday School program. Sunday School is a great ministry where individuals can break into small groups for more personal relationships, to share prayer requests, to be encouraged, to be ministered to, to discover their spiritual gifts, and to experience deeper Bible study. This will help individuals grow closer to God, and it will also help them become assimilated into the church body in which God has designed and gifted them. As individuals come into our church and are getting connected to God (C1), then we need to start inviting them to Sunday School class that fits them. This is a process. We, as a church, need to move people from point to point so that they can have the opportunity to grow toward being a mature follower of Christ. As members, we need to make sure that we set the example for those coming in by being a part of Sunday School. In the future their will be other small group opportunities offered at different times and places, but in the busyness of our time, taking care of C1 and C2 on the same morning seem most beneficial to families of all ages.

(Matthew 28:20)



C3-Our third stage in the process is connecting people to ministries. As people get connected to God, and to members of the body, we as a church need to help them get connected to an area of Christian service. Serving others is what Christianity is all about. We all are called to salvation, given spiritual gifts, and led to be a part of a local church for a special purpose that God has designed. There are various ministries for a person to be involved in within the church, and each place of service is vital to the church bringing God honor and fulfilling the Great Commission. Areas of service include education, service helps, music, administrative helps, communications, outreach evangelism, outreach ministry, in-reach ministry, organization helps, fellowship helps, missions participation, and so many more. Some ministries are require a weekly commitment, an others are spread further apart. There are so many roles that need to be filled of in order fulfill the Great Commission. It is important for every member to be serving in ministry. This is the third step toward Christian maturity. The first two steps that each member can take toward participation in growing and helping others grow is to invite family, friends, and neighbors to worship on Sunday morning (C1), and to get involved with a Sunday School class and invite them to go to class with you(C2). Everyone of needs to move through this process and invite and encourage others to move through the process as well.

(Acts 2:44)



C4-Our fourth stage is connecting to the people in the world around us. This stage is accomplished when a believer grows to the point that they are concerned about the people in the world around them. This love and concern for others motivates the mature follower of Chirst to share message of the cross and invite others to begin the journey of becoming a mature follower of Christ.

(Matthew 28:19)


Come and join us on our journey of growing in our understanding and ability to live the life God designed for us to live, and then help others join in on the journey. If you are not attending church anywhere, come and get started in the process by joining us for worship.